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La Belle Maison is a full service design firm. In order to provide exceptional customer service, we go a step beyond.  Our designer comes to your home with a variety of paint samples, finishes, and product options, from budget-friendly to exquisite. Utilizing client preferences, our designer will work with you to actualize the space you envision.



La Belle Maison offers product options from over 50 vendors, including custom or stock sofas, dining tables and chairs, beds, mattresses, bedding, draperies and accessories. We guide you through all or part of your furniture and accessories purchase, design or remodel. 


In addition to our non-traditional in-home design services, we also offer "Decorative" and "Organizational" Staging.  Decorative Staging takes any home for sale (vacant or occupied) from ordinary, to spectacular and market-competitive.  We configure furniture and utilize accessories to maximize space, highlight a home's best features, and provide the model home "wow" factor that every buyer is looking for.  Organizational Staging is less glamorous, but no less necessary.  For the homeowner who just has too much "stuff", our professional staff minimizes clutter and prepares the home for professional photos and marketing.  Each newly-marketed home has just one opportunity to make a fantastic first impression on buyers and realtors. By enlisting our staging services, you maximize your home's marketability.

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